Dear readers,

Writing has been a good opportunity for me to order my thoughts, form my values and beliefs, reflect upon the events, people and feelings I encounter each day. Writing publically in the past several years, has been an interesting platform to discuss and share these reflections with friends and family, and occasionally with strangers too.

Recently I graduated from medical school. Because of this, I desire a little more anonymity, and have decided to start afresh once again, under a new name. You never know though, Dr Quackling could be my real name. I suspect that the content of future posts will not be too different to what I have been writing about for the past few years on my previous blog – a friend aptly summarised my posts to fall under the following categories:

1) God: studying the Bible and seeking to live consistently according to it, by God’s grace.

2) Medicine: studies, work, and hospital life. Together also, with the issues that it raises about health, suffering, life and death.

3) Relationships: friendships, family, love, and “posts directed at some person I have a complicated relationship with”.

Occasionally there will be other topics. Once in awhile too, I hope that through reading you will be encouraged in what you’re going through, or prompted to stop and reflect upon something important. Thanks for visiting!


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