Not that different

One day, during class in high school, they were talking about political systems. I remember this diagram on the whiteboard, listing the types of government from anarchy to dictatorship, with others distributed in-between or on either ends. Can’t say I remember much about social sciences through that lesson, but point was – what appears to be two opposite ends of a spectrum, may have more common than you would initially think. In fact, the two ends may come to be adjacent to each other, to form a full circle.

And so it is, with other aspects of life.

1. Usually how tired you are seems to correlate pretty well with how well you sleep. But it seems to me that there’s a turning point in which you become so tired that it actually becomes harder and harder to fall asleep. So perhaps, being extremely tired and extremely awake both make sleep hard to come by.

2. One of the things I have been trying to work out for the past few days, was whether this almost nauseous feeling of not wanting to eat was an indication that I was full, or that I was really hungry. How do you tell one from the other without thinking through whether you should be hungry, considering when you last ate?

3. Perhaps a more familiar example, is that expressed in the annoying cliche – there is a fine line between love and hate. Maybe scientists can “prove” how the two emotions fire through the same circuits in the brain, maybe it doesn’t matter. But both love and hate are gripping, and equally hard to let go of.

4. Similarly, I wouldn’t have imagined how a thought or memory could be amusing enough to make me smile and laugh to myself, but sad enough to make me cry, then laugh, then cry, at the same time. I guess laughter and tears share an intensity, and the true opposite would be apathy.


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