Days of rest

Thoughts during the breaks between stints of nights, and on lovely long weekends off:

1) The ever constant centralised heating / cooling of hospitals makes you forget that there are day to day, or in the case of this place – hour to hour variations in temperature.

2) The sun is bright. How beautiful are the blues of skies and the light greens of grass and leaves. How restful it is too, to drive up and down, and wind around the gentle hills and water dams along the highway.

3) In contrast, hospitals are very un-scenic, and white. The sheets are white, the walls are white, the lights are sharp fluorescent whites too. I’ve missed natural light, and colours!

4) It’s good to see healthy people, or even people with obvious ailments, walking about on the street, going about their daily lives.

5) It’s good too, to be the one waiting in a line, waiting for a food order to arrive, and even to begin feeling a little impatient. Because we get used to being the ones who make others wait (though it is often unintentional).

6) To be warmed by a hot bowl of claypot noodles on a chilly morning. Or to sit on the floor at night, huddled in front of an old gas heater.

7) To take time to pick something from the “other end” of the wardrobe (or suitcase at the moment), and not hunt for bob-pins and hair-ties.

8) Dwelling in God’s word and to see everything through different lenses. To ponder on why we do what we do, and remember too, our purpose in this transient life.

9) To be a sister, be a daughter, and to love and be loved by family. On the other side of the same coin, to experience all the frustrations and disagreements of family life.

10) It’s nice, not needing to introduce yourself as “the doctor” or “the intern”. Sometimes socially too, not needing to mention what you do at all (so as to not be labelled according to the stereotype and status attributed to doctors).


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