Cheap thrills

Cheap / free ways to entertain yourself:

1. Water and washing powder

I used a front-loader for the very first time. During the first load, I sat in front of it for a good deal of the cycle, mesmerised by the water rising, the turns, the bubbles, the water draining, and the gentle turns turning and churning into a furious spin. Four or five loads later I was still taking the occasional peek. If I was a child I guess the fascination would be understandable, but as it is, I’m glad that this was not a communal washing machine.

2. Can’t afford new songs?

My playlist on the music playing device consists of roughly twenty songs. There is one playlist. It’s updated once a year, or less. The secret to making the most of the song is an earphone or some sound system that does an adequate job of separating the different parts. Then you can listen to the song a million times, and still be entertained. On the first play, follow the main vocal as usual. Then repeat the song, listening to the harmonising vocals all the way through. Then do the same with instrument one, two, three, or more. Then feel the percussion beats and work out how the drums transition between verse chorus and bridge. Then play the song once more, just in case you missed any parts. All for the price of one. (Maybe the limited playlist also serves as a free lullaby too.)

3. Make chores amazing

Don’t bother cleaning your unit (house, apartment, room) for a long time. Come home everyday, throw your clothes anywhere else but on the hangers where they belong. Scatter trails of paper and envelopes until there is no carpet to be seen, stack a tower in the kitchen sink as high as you can, and make an obstacle course for yourself from the bedroom to the bathroom door. The messier the better. Then clean up and feel the difference. Cheap thrills. Okay, maybe don’t try this one.

4. Talk to yourself

Why buy a book, use electricity to power the laptop or pay for mobile broadband when you can amuse yourself with the constant monologue, and occasional dialogue, in your mind. Endless entertainment guaranteed. Try to disguise it well though – it’s a diary, it’s a blog, you’re laughing at something written in the past, you’re working out a story. It’s not crazy, it’s just creative.

5. Timeless classics

Of coure, there are always the pinks and oranges across the sky at sunset, twinkling stars on a clear night, blowing puffs of fog in winter, and feeding the dancing, hungry flames of a campfire. Everyone knows these well loved classics, so I won’t elaborate on them too much.


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