One thing you can’t live without

On the weekend we played this game. A bag of M&M’s, and depending on the colour you get, you had to write down the answer to a question. There were innocuous questions, like one thing you like to watch or listen to, one thing about your childhood…

There was also this: “one thing you can’t live without?” How would you answer?

I can’t recall exactly what I said but I think it was something neutral such as “I can’t live without sleep”. When it came to the girls on my table, when they got the same question, one by one they immediately said “God!” with great enthusiasm. I smiled and answered the same when the same question came to me a second time. It had been my first thought, but since this wasn’t in a church setting, I wasn’t sure if it was the place to give such an answer. Appropriate or not, children are so frank and unhesistantly so.

In time, as we grow up (even as those who believe in God) do we forget to humbly acknowledge that God has given us life, and everything that we have?


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