Writing about writing

It’s strange, that for someone who doesn’t particularly like medicine, and in fact dislikes work much of the time, I’ve written primarily on these topics over the past year. Not that I’ve written much at all, compared to previous years. With the changes that came with transitioning from student to work life, I thought real life and all that it entails (sleep, getting to work on time, amongst other things) probably takes priority over hours of thinking and crafting words into coherent paragraphs.

The downside to that is inspiration fades with disuse, and I’m finding it hard to write anything at all. I’ve also become rather self conscious, maybe overly so, and have questions floating in my mind that inhibits this whole process. Why do I write at all, is it self indulgent, does it eat up too much of my time when I should be doing something else, do I whinge too much, does knowing who reads or who doesn’t read these posts change what I write, what should and shouldn’t I write about, are my posts too personal, am I really comfortable to share my opinions thought processes beliefs complaints joys sorrows friendships relationships daily life online?

I don’t have complete answers, but I thought I would try to write a bit more again, with those questions in mind. Let’s see if it happens!



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