Looking forward

Each morning I wake up, and there isn’t that much to look forward to. Later when I get to work, I look forward to the end of the ward round so that I can sit down. When that’s done, I look forward to lunch or coffee (rarely both), if it happens. In the afternoon I look forward to going home. Every night I look forward to sleeping. Each weekday I look forward to it being the weekend, if I’m not rostered on. Each week I look forward to finishing my rotation, or starting my holidays. Then the cycle begins again. That’s also why mornings are the worst.

I guess the value of hope is knowing you won’t be stuck standing up for a long long time, or doing what you don’t enjoy, or interacting with people you don’t like, or being unhappy, forevermore. That there is a defined end, which you do want to get to, and that motivates you to keep jogging along. But even looking forward to say, my annual leave, or the end of a year long contract, is rather short sighted and doesn’t give much hope to live by. It’s like being a hamster in its wheel. By the way, it mystifies me why my rodents never, ever, run on their wheel. Maybe they are too smart for that!



  1. Well at least your not looking forward to sleeping every morning when you wake up. :P

    But more seriously, you’re always working towards the longer term, whether that be progressing with personal relationships, getting a better job, buying a fast car or simply living life according to principles you believe in.



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