Small things

To be happy about.

1. Found the warm white (yellow) light, and I no longer have to use the fluorescent light in the living area.

2. Transformed the floor from dust, lots of bugs / spiders / cockroaches / little frogs to significantly less living creatures. There’s still residuals but it’s walkable without shoes, if you’re not too fussy.

3. Worked out what to do for exercise given the gym is a non air-conditioned tin shed, out of town. And I’m too scared to run with earphones.

4. Enjoyed solitude. I love family and good friends, but have no complaints about re-living the days when I could count the number of fruits to buy for the week, and cook lazy meals with plenty of milk and milo to make up for it.

5. Discovered a newfound appreciation for tablet devices and automatic syncing. Maybe, just maybe, there is a place for something that’s like an inconveniently small laptop with no keyboard, and an oversized phone that does not perform the basic functions of normal calls and texts.

6. Drove up to 150kph for the first time, with an average of 100km commutes each day. Not a huge distance but it’s a change for someone who aims to live within walking distance of work. No road kills… yet, and dodged a dead donkey that scarily resembled a dead human.

7. Listened to some good talks on the (what I consider to be) good changes within the US health system. At the same time, proud of what this country does to provide healthcare access, though I’m sure there are always potential areas for improvement.

8. Reflected on future and career pathways, gaining fresh but unsettling insights to the discrepancy between what I thought were my priorities, to what I actually hold as priorities, when it comes to where to go in (or out of!) medicine.

9. Read and wrote more, but that is obvious. See, I’m becoming slack as I come to the end of my list.

10. Worked less. Yeah, saved the best for last!


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