Stare at God


Since leaving home I’ve had two rules for moving. One is that I decide where I want to be first and then find a course, clinical school, elective, or job that will have me. Second is a rule I made for myself after one of those exhausting settling in and getting to know people processes – for at least the next few years if I’m to live anywhere for any length of time it will only to be between the places that I’ve lived in already. I guess priorities change and I’m breaking both rules, and change always makes me feel unsettled.

A picture

The camera phone doesn’t do the waterfall justice. But stunning and beautiful sights in real life always inspire me to see a glimpse of God’s greatness and sovereignty, quietening my anxious (or restless, or sad) soul.

A book

I’m starting to read a relationship book for the first time in awhile. It’s rather unique in that it spends much of its pages helping you to “stare at God” rather than the issues are at hand, whether it’s in marriage or other areas of your life. As someone who spends probably a bit too much time in the space of my own mind at every crossroad, this really speaks to me:

We all have a tendency to look within ourselves for truth. In our arrogance we like to believe that we can solve issues by thinking deeply. But the Bible insists that our best thoughts don’t hold a candle to God’s. So when it comes to marriage, or any issue at all, we should never rely on our wisdom. We cannot do better than listening to His words… we should stop wasting time searching our own minds and spend our days studying His.You and Me Forever

And a song

I’m glad there is always an apt song for every thought you might like to meditate on:

Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
look full in His wonderful face,
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
in the light of His glory and grace.

– Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus


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  1. […] a break from worrying about another year ahead, I look back on my time in this place (that I never wanted to move to) and am filled with thankfulness. God is good and gracious, God […]


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