Even clotheslines


For all the ways a phone camera is convenient, the ability to zoom is awfully limited and you can hardly ever get close enough to animals before they get scared away. And whilst the colours look fine on retina display, they are actually pretty dull on a regular screen. But then, you can’t take a real camera on a jog, or easily share the photos over text and instant messengers.

I will never forget when my sister was five. We were on a river boat cruise in the evening, with enticing city night lights in all directions. She tolerated mum and I taking our happy snaps for about ten minutes and then said “enough, just look!” What an amazing thing to say given that she couldn’t even talk properly back then! We reluctantly agreed, but took out the camera out a few minutes later and it ran out of battery. Oh well.

But I took her point that maybe we should just look sometimes, taking in what is in front of us rather than view everything through the lens of a camera – which apparently (I’m not sure how scientifically this study was done) can even impair our memories. And sometimes I wonder whether taking too much time fiddling with photos is just as antisocial as food blogging for the very same reasons – that is, our attentions are split between the optimal photo opportunity and being fully present with the people you are spending time with. Unless of course, you are with photography enthusiasts who are all there for the same purpose.

Anyway, that was an unnecessarily long prelude to say that I recently rediscovered the camera that I haven’t touched for more than a year. It made me wonder what I was doing with a phone camera all this time. Even clotheslines and pegs can look artistic. Trust me, they are pretty dull and lifeless in real life.



  1. Maybe it’s coincidence, but I also just recently started playing with my camera a bit more! But I’m focusing on filming more than photoshoots. There are a few ways you can instantly transfer/sync photos from modern DSLR cameras to your computer or mobile phones. The most common one is called “Tethered shooting”. Google about it.


    1. I’m not sure how modern my camera is but I’ll look into it sometime, thanks. What sort of films are you making? YouTube music videos? Look forward to seeing some of your products haha. Liz takes lovely filtered / Instagram-y photos too! :)


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