Blog updates

Here’s my rare blog-related update.

1. New theme – this is what I wanted from the previous theme all along. It was clean and good for images but too minimalist to fit any content into the sidebars. And there was something not girly enough about the font, ha! Miss the feathers though.

2. Featured posts – a selection of favourite or popular posts. I haven’t decided which.

3. Quack therapy – a therapeutic rotating photo wall.

4. Standardising categories – one thing I noticed that having Bible or God as a category isn’t very helpful. Practically, it doesn’t work if it incorporates too many posts. Theologically, God is not just one part of our lives.

5. Adding tags – in doing so I skimmed some of the older posts and noticed changes over time. I have fewer words and more pictures or (often Chinese) songs. Which would be proportional to the time I spend using Mandarin and inversely proportional to how many words I read and write in real life.

6. Unfinished – I would like to write more impersonal stuff set in time and place (rather than in the mind, heart and soul) but it doesn’t mix well with the personal content here. This will have to wait!

That’s all folks!


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