When all is told


Bustling fairies draw dots tonight

Once at seventeen I fell in love,
Winds in summer and winter’s rays, a
Surprise! Two warm woollen gloves,
Stacks of scarves in patterned arrays;
Quietly charming, quaint were you,
Faded green and yellow carts go
Clickety-clack down tracks into
Drizzling streets with candles aglow.

You, my dearest, enticed me to
Bricks, raw red, bulbs bare, to share
Flavours full and milk-swirled brews,
Homely nooks by wooden doors.
Sea and sunset, their whistling sand,
Palaces tall boast pillars of old,
Scrapers soar in populous lands, still
You were dearest, when all is told.

Faces come and go in sight, your
Bustling fairies draw dots tonight.
Stories dim, now sleepy eyes follow
Faces flow; they come to go.


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