Rhythm in chaos – part one

This is going to be like, my parenting blog. Just kidding.

These are my favourite moments with you in the past few weeks. I think you would be so cross if you knew I was writing about you growing up (did you even ask for my permission?!) But that’s okay. I think by the time you find out you’ll be too grown up to care.

City life – you discovering that Starbucks and 7-Eleven are real stores (no we don’t have these in our sleepy town), and dragging me into one to see whether they had some new product you saw on Youtube. Me convincing you that you wanted bubble tea instead of pizza, when pizza was what you actually wanted after dinner. You giving your two cents about my unrealistic plan to quit medicine and open a branch of the franchise back home.

All clean – leaving a fairly large pile of dishes to you one evening because I had to go early to church. Coming home to see that you did an amazing job – sparkling sink, sparkling dishes. With no complaints too. Yeah, I know you still hate washing up.

Big sister – being invited to my friend’s for dinner, and seeing you interact with their two little ones. I’ve only known you as the little sister but you’re such a good big sister too – patient, gentle and not too cool to play with the year two and transition kid, though they’re about half your height and might come up and hug you at school. Lots of fun and giggles with hide and seek, but also pulling them back into place when they tried escaping from the dinner table.

Tired – the afternoon where I reluctantly did house stuff and you hid in your room to watch Anime all afternoon after swimming class (with headphones so you scored V1 on the GCS scale) . We got annoyed at each other. After some food me saying sorry for being grumpy and you replying generously, that’s okay. I think you were tired and I was tired too, people sometimes are grumpy when they’re tired. Haha.


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