Itsumo Nando Demo – Cover

One more song before I return this device. I’m not sure what the training organisation envisaged that we would use this for when the app they made never worked. But recording on GarageBand has been fun.

I watched my sister draw on her iPad earlier this year and was amazed at how quickly she finished one picture after another. Imperfect line art and shading didn’t worry her at all. And what does it matter anyway. I’m the opposite and am often so bothered by imperfection that everything takes ages and I hardly create anything.

With the last song the squeaky piano pedal (even after trying to oil the apparatus) really bothered me but I did stop noticing it after awhile. With this one, I might wish that I could play some real instruments (other than a cheap recorder), had an actual microphone, had set a quicker tempo, or transposed the key to one that suited my voice range better. But I’m trying to learn something from my sister’s approach.



    1. Haha of course you do – it’s Studio Ghibli! I listened to the piano version on repeat for ages last year as study music (this is the first song on the complete soundtrack). Then realised recently that there’s vocals too!


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