Kataware doki

I do like the idea. A time when light and dark co-exist. Of start and end. Past and present. Where dream meets reality. It’s a colourful time of the day too.

I think I live in this unreal state of mind too often. At times, I wake up from a vivid dream and take awhile to realise that nothing was real. The years are a blur, especially since I started working. Recency and clarity don’t correlate. The end of the year just past is as clear, yet distant, as the previous, and the one, and two before.

I will give the start of last year a little extra airtime though. I wish the drive in those first few weeks lasted longer. Alone and carefree through vast country. Soaking in the summer alpines, cities, coastal towns, rock formations, faraway beaches, historic ports, crater lakes and caves. Getting acquainted with, and being grateful for the predictable presence of McCafe on the road. Then I came to the hot, cactus-laden desert, with waterless lakes and straight roads with no apparent end, and there’s not too much I care to remember thereafter.



  1. Good to listen the music and read the blog XD

    Though, there are so much memory the music brought to me. sometimes the illusion is clear, sometimes blur. I tried to go back to these place I have been. Just like it happened yesterday, I can feel all the things we do, my happiness, my sad…but it just different now.


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