Urban sketching #1



The unfortunate thing about making friends at cancer support groups is that you’re more likely to “lose” those people than friends made elsewhere.

So said our art teacher, who has taken time off from doing classes since Christmas. She is stable on treatment but has had advanced breast cancer with brain metastases. Her little girl is five years old. Perhaps seeing us makes her sad too.

So we’ve been sketching, mainly by ourselves but once with the local urban sketchers group. The more detailed, better shaded, neater of the pairs are my sister’s.

“Wow, if only your maths book is as neat as your drawings!”
“Hey, that’s mean!”

She thinks that I’m obsessive compulsive to suggest that maybe she can… write within the grid of the maths book so that she doesn’t multiply the wrong columns, make headings to track the question she’s up to, leave appropriate spacing, draw lines and margins with a ruler etc.

We haven’t figured out what to buy and how to work with watercolour “on the go” yet. I’ve watched YouTube videos but figuring this out is harder than my day job.


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